Move to the Cloud and Modernize your Business


Why Move to the Cloud Now?
At first glance a cloud migration may seem like a technical decision, but at its core this is a business decision. Ultimately, it begs a fundamental question: what’s driving your business to migrate to the cloud, and why now?
The benefits of cloud are universal—reduced running
costs, faster modernization capabilities, and increased security. But often, specific initiators first kick off the discussion within an organization, including:

Operational efficiencies and reduction of operating

 Due to the reduction in hardware support,
increased manageability, and efficiency of process,
you can save an average of 20 to 30 percent on virtual machine (VM) resource configuration alone.

Speed up your time to market/release 

By reducing management overhead and freeing up budget, you can focus more time and effort on rapid software and solution development. Faster deployment of infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and platform as a service (PaaS) will enable your business to release faster and more often.

Scale up or down easily and cost effectively

When you have to plan for peak usage through on-premises systems, most of the time you’re left with servers that are running at less than 20 percent
utilization. The cloud releases organizations from this model, enabling a scale-when-you-need-it approach.

Eliminate datacenter or hardware costs

If you’re currently extending your budget on renewing hardware or paying for datacenter locations for hosting, this is the perfect time to look toward cloud migration. The cloud can make these necessities a thing of the past by enabling a cloud vendor to host these services for you.

Renewal of licensing

Nearly everyone has an annual licensing agreement with their major IT providers. These too require ample budget to ensure your virtualization and OS platform are sufficiently covered. The cloud can
help you here, providing a pay-as-you-go offering to
reduce this cost.

Application development and modernization

 If you’re in the software business, your resources are
probably spread thin. And using on-premises platforms is likely not enabling you to adopt modern services. The cloud provides an integrated platform for modern development, where development teams can increase speed by up to 33 percent.


By migrating your current environment to the cloud, you’re putting yourself in a better position to accelerate your business. By reducing costs and
making management more efficient, a cloud platform
can immediately impact your IT group’s ability to invest back into core strategic projects, increasing security and reliability while advancing application development.I

Why Move to the Cloud

Remote Desktop Protocol and Passwords

Remote Users – Change Your Password


If you use Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) to access either a remote desktop or server, it is critically important you use a very complex password or passphrase to sign in. Russian hackers are targeting RDP using traditional brute-force attack methods that rely on easy password/username combinations.

A passphrase can be any long string of characters (letters and or numbers) that is easy for you to remember but unique to you. For example, you can use a line from a favorite song such as:

‘The wildfire swept over me’ 
from Mariachi El Bronx and change it to a passphrase


This passphrase is long, complex and importantly, easy to remember and incredibly hard to crack in a brute-force attack. PLEASE do not use this one as it is meant only as an example.

Easy passwords are an invitation to the bad guys so make it tough for them while making it safe and friendly for you.

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